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Our Mission

We focus on providing our clients with personalized guidance, solutions, and peace of mind when facing life’s uncertainties.

Our Values
  • Client satisfaction is the ultimate measure of our success.
  • We practice integrity, honesty, patience, and humility in our law practice and in our personal lives.
  • We listen carefully to our clients, because each client has their own needs, concerns, and goals.
  • We explain the process and legal issues and advise our clients in plain language they can understand.
  • We are fortunate to live and work here, and we give back to our community.
  • The elderly, veterans, and handicapped persons have much to teach us, and deserve our respect, care, and compassion.
Our Latest Blog News

Medicaid Isn’t for Me

“Medicaid isn’t for me.” Are you certain?  Did someone else tell you it was not…

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. . . But That’s What My Neighbor Did!

Just because your neighbor jumps off a bridge, would you?  In my younger, smarty-pants days,…

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Keep Your Estate Plan Current

When we are younger and creating estate plans, there are generally considerations for children’s trusts…

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(Don’t) Do It Yourself Estate Planning

An advertisement for a “Free Estate Planning App” recently came across one of my social…

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