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You Should Talk About It

How excited do you, or your friends, get when talking about home improvement projects, a new haircut, outfit, vacation, etc.?  Many people will post photographs on social media to show off what they have accomplished.  Why do we not see that when someone has done estate plans?  “I’m so happy to have completed this! – along with a smiling picture next to their estate planning binder”.

Estate planning, whether it is the first time or updating, is such an important thing to do.  Hopefully it is something that many of your friends and family have done.  But are they talking about it?  Is anyone saying at Thanksgiving, “I’m set for future unforeseeable events because my attorney created a comprehensive estate plan for me.”

While estate planning can touch on finances, and thus can become an uncomfortable topic for some, it seems odd that more people are not singing from mountain tops that they are prepared for the future.  If it isn’t talked about among family and friends, they may not realize the importance of planning and leave themselves and loved ones vulnerable to risks.

Talking about estate planning does not mean talking about how much or how little someone has to their name.  Talking about estate planning means being proud that you are prepared.  So, talk about it.

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