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. . . But That’s What My Neighbor Did!

Just because your neighbor jumps off a bridge, would you?  In my younger, smarty-pants days, I would have said, YES!  But now I know better.  Now I would only jump off a bridge after careful examination of the situation.  How is the road leading to the bridge, the bridge itself, the water under the bridge, and how I am going to get myself out of the water after I jump?

That may seem like a boring approach to a bridge jump, but think about it in terms of your estate plans:  When you are completing your estate plans, do you want to be excited or well prepared?

The problem with following what your neighbor, your friend’s parents, or your buddy did with their estate plans:  They are not you.  Everyone has a different set of circumstances, which means the same plan someone else has will probably not be the best plan for you.  It may “work”, but not in the way most advantageous to you or your family.  Just because someone you know did something; it does not make it right.

Eek.  So much of this sounds like my mother. Maybe she was right.

At Schluesche Fields S.C. we take the time to keep up on the latest regulations and statutes in estate planning.  We listen to our clients, review their information, apply best practices suited for their individual situation, and discuss the best plan.  Getting creative is something we enjoy, so no matter your planning needs, we will do our best to find a solution.

One of the most enjoyable parts of my day is getting to know my clients.  When you can spend time in conversation (even looking like a bandit nowadays), planning for the next generation becomes so much more meaningful.  But, if we have gotten to know each other through the years, please do not tell my mother I said she was right.

Call Schluesche Fields S.C. to schedule an appointment and create an individualized plan… one you can tell your neighbor, friend’s parents, or buddy about!





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