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Personal Property Memorandum

Family members often end up arguing over mom or dad’s favorite items when that parent dies. Arguments can take place over things like a Cheese Days mug, a piece of jewelry or a painting. To eliminate these arguments, you can…

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Who Makes The Call?

In this coronavirus pandemic, a difficult question demands an answer: if you or someone you love is taken down by an illness, how far would you want extreme life-prolonging measures to be tried?  Does your family also know the answer…

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Seniors and Social Distancing

At Schluesche Fields S.C., we are following the medically recommended protocols and government mandates for social distancing. Slowing the spread of the coronavirus is the goal. These changes have minimized our ability to interact with clients, but the impact has…

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Medicare to Cover More Telehealth Services

By Amanda Fields and Todd Schluesche Because of coronavirus, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has increased access to Medicare telehealth services.  Medicare beneficiaries are being encouraged to use technology to get needed healthcare.    Doctors can provide…

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Will I Lose My Home?

Will I Lose My Home? Home ownership is the American Dream. We work hard during our lives to own a home, and its often our most valuable and significant asset. So, when health begins to fail and the need for…

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Caring for Our Parents

By Attorney Todd Schluesche Aging is something we can’t escape, and it affects all families.  It can be challenging to recognize our parents as senior citizens who may need help in their daily lives.  Even if your aging parents are…

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